Home Wind Power

How to Build a Wind Turbine (for under $150)
If you are interested in taking advantage of wind power then you might be interested […]

Pros and Cons of Wind Power (9 points you must consider)
If you are considering using wind power to help power your home then there are […]

Homemade Wind Turbine (why not save $1000s?)
When it comes to wind power, I often get questions about the cost effectiveness of […]

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Home Solar Power

Pros and Cons of Solar Power (part 2: 5 things you must consider)
Note: this is part 2 of my pros and cons of solar power. You can […]

Home Solar Power Systems (which option is best for you)
In recent years, solar power has become a much more viable home energy option as […]

Pros and Cons of Solar Power (part 1: What they don’t want you to know)
Solar energy is in no way perfect. In fact there are many pros and cons […]

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Cheap Solar Panels

Cheapest Solar Panels (2 options for unbeatable prices)
With the prices of solar panels dropping in recent years, the cost of solar power […]

Homemade Solar Panels (and why they can’t be beat)
I got started making homemade solar panels because I love the challenge of a new […]

Solar Panel Plans (and 2 mistakes you don’t want to make)
A good set of solar panel plans can make the difference between a high quality […]

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DIY Solar Power

How to Build Solar Panels in 7 Easy Steps (part 2)
Note: this is part 2 of my, How to Build Solar Panels in 7 Easy […]

DIY Solar Water Heater (easiest way to save $200 with solar)
A DIY solar water heater is a great way to utilize solar power to help […]

How to Build a Solar Panel in 7 Easy Steps (part 1)
If you are wondering how to build a solar panel then you have come to […]

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DIY Energy Guide Reviews

GreenDIYenergy Review
If you are looking for the best wind power guide and one of the best solar power guides available then the GreenDIYenergy guide is [...]

Green Eco Club Review
If you are really into DIY home energy projects that you might be interested in a new concept to meet your alternative energy needs [...]

Green DIY Energy Solar Thermal Hot Water Review
So much of the buzz these days is on solar electricity but solar hot water is emerging [...]

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Home Energy Savings

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (part 2: 3 small ways to make a big impact)
Note: this is Part 2 of my how to reduce your carbon footprint article. You […]

How to Live Off the Grid (4 things you must consider)
Most homes are connected directly to the power company’s local power grid and rely entirely […]

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (part 1: your #1 source of carbon)
If you are like most people then want to do your part to reduce you […]

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